Waist Measurement challenge feb 1

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All new activities!!!! Spirituality, sisterhood... invest in you and soar!!

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Absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the sisterhood formed during this challenge. It was the missing puzzle piece needed in order to continue my growth process.

The waist measurement challenges are so much more than you expect! If you're looking for a safe space for WOC to explore femininity and everything else under the sun, you'll be disappointed you didn't do it sooner. Its soo dope🖤

I've been in 5 waistbead CHALLENGES I BELIEVE when I tell you these groups BE LIT...!! MAN....I'M HONORED TO BE A PART OF THIS...N YES I'LL KEEP COMING BACK

This challenge changed my life. It allowed me to get to know the real me. All while connecting with amazing women and learning new things. #unicornsquad

The ways beat challenge was so amazing incredible women from all over the world. I myself lost 3 inches and I was able to gain so much insight into my own spirituality and being my true self. The weekly meeting and workshop i call them great. I'm looking forward to the next challenge in April.

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